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How Vital is the Vibe?

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

A majority of us have worked at a business that made it hard to get out of bed and get to work in the morning. Work was just that…work. That’s not the vibe we strive for. A person's emotional state is very important in the office. If we maintain a good vibe, we get good outcomes and results. It is more common than not that people are not satisfied with what they are doing in their professional lives. Either that or the general unpleasantness of not being happy with how a business is being run. This is why I came to CROFT & FROST: I was in search of a work environment in which I was happy and the doors were open to do what I was passionate about.

We are revolutionizing the tax industry and with that comes different mindsets that will change the way you think, and that starts with our employees. If the people of our company emphasize and act on the importance of actually doing what we believe in, it changes everything. It becomes a domino effect and impacts our clients and other individuals we come in contact with. What is different about the people that work here? We are here because we choose to be. It is up to each of our employees to maintain the vibe. When employees are happy and involved with the company, they feel more empowered at work and all aspects of their lives.

By: Grace Turner, Graphic Design Specialist at CROFT & FROST

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