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Why Your Accounting Firm Needs Social Media

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

It is no surprise to many industries that COVID has made an impact on our everyday lives. Due to the pandemic, it has turned into a challenge to market any industry. Businesses have had to adapt to the constantly evolving world that has turned solely digital. However, since the pandemic, the social media world has proven to be the best way to market your business. The accounting industry has had to adapt in a way that is different from other industries. People tend to view accounting as “boring” so it can be difficult to convince them otherwise. This can be challenging as it is hard to transition solely from a business perspective to a creative perspective. However, do not dismiss the accounting industry just yet.

Technology is constantly evolving, and that means your business must evolve with it. 3.8 billion people are active on social media platforms, that is 3.8 billion missed opportunities if you are not incorporating a social media strategy into your business. The next question is, why should your accounting firm use social media?

1. Creating Relationships with Like-Minded People

Social media is the perfect platform to build a community with other CPAs and accountants. This gives you the opportunity of exchanging ideas, thoughts, and opinions. It is the perfect way to build relationships that can turn into business opportunities.

2. Connections

Social media is a great tool to generate leads. Accounting firms operate on clientele, and there is no better way to find that than promoting it on your platforms. Social media gives you the opportunity of making connections with several people at one time, while avoiding the high costs.

3. Awareness

Use your platform to spread awareness about your firm. Majority of people do not even know an accountant, nor do they know what types of services are being provided. Take advantage of your online presence by spreading awareness of your brand, the services you provide, and why your firm is better than others.

4. Educate

Accounting firms can utilize social media by educating viewers. 60% of small business owners feel they aren’t very knowledgeable when it comes to finances and accounting. Establish your online presence by informing them on tax deadlines, IRS updates, and simple tax tips that the average person would not know. This adds credibility to not only your online presence, but to your company as well.

Social media is never going away, so you might as well embrace it head on. Let me put it this way, by not building an online presence you are automatically losing money, customers, and the opportunity to expand your business. It is the accounting industry’s turn to step up and use their online presence to spread the importance of what goes into this industry.

By: Cassidy Chambley, Social Media Specialist under J.D. Frost's Brand

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