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Confidentiality: The World of Human Resources

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

One of the most vital departments in a company is the Human Resource Department. The Human Resource Department is required to maintain a large level of professionalism that is especially greater than that of other departments and team members. Due to the private information the human resource department obtains; the number one most important aspect of HR is confidentiality.

It is important for all human resource professionals to maintain a large level of confidentiality. Human resources is informed on sensitive employee information, detailed payroll information, workplace reports, company pay scale, legal obligations and much more. The HR department is required by law to maintain employee files that are kept confidential with employee information but maintains the required information in the appropriate places. Confidentiality expands outside of the employee file and payroll information. When someone reports an issue to HR, it is vital that HR keeps that information confidential. If reports of harassment or other issues go out, team members or managers can retaliate against employees. It is the HR department’s responsibility to make sure that does not take place.

The human resource department is required to investigate claims and keep that information private. At CROFT & FROST the human resource is a part of the administration department and works closely to maintain one of our core values – collaboration. Everyone works together to make sure that documents are filed appropriately and confidently to help make sure that our staff’s private information is kept safe.

By: Marah Webster, Human Resources Director at CROFT & FROST

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