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Continued Education

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

Croft and Frost pushes their employees to grow! We have employees who are currently working on their CPA, EA and working towards master degrees. We incentivize our team to obtain their CPA and EA by offering bonuses once they complete the exams and receive their license.

For the CPA, we will cover our tax teams' test fees and offer a $5,000 bonus once the exam is completed and a copy of the license is in their employee folder. Our tax team is provided paid time off, outside of their paid time off to study for these exams. Outside of these exams, we have put together a continued education plan for our operations team to complete. Our tax professionals and client facing staff are required to complete 109 hours of continued professional education. Our goal is to help our staff complete the required amount of CPE hours required for licensing. As well as keep our administration team on the same page by requiring them to complete 71 of the same courses our tax team is taking.

Our goal with the continued professional education is to help our team work together as one towards the same goal while learning material together.

By: Marah Webster, Human Resources Director at CROFT & FROST

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