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Courage: Pushing Past the Comfort Zone

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

From the second I walked into CROFT & FROST for my interview until now, one thing has been apparent to me: CROFT & FROST truly cares about their core values.

  • Value

  • Vibe

  • Collaboration

  • Courage

Our core values are integrated into each and every day whether it be talking about them in our morning meetings, reading them on the screens throughout our office or implementing them in our day‐to‐day operations. Not only are we encouraged to think about CROFT & FROST’s core values, we are also encouraged to think about our own values and how they relate to our personal and professional lives. For me, when I think about my values courage comes to mind.

When I first graduated from college and began working at CROFT & FROST, I was a very reserved individual, and I did not want to draw much attention to myself. One of the great things about working at CROFT & FROST is that everyone is very supportive and encouraging of my goals and ambitions. Each day they encourage me to push past my comfort zone to help me meet my goals and advance my career. Now every day I try to do something outside of my comfort zone so that one day I will always operate from within my comfort zone. CROFT & FROST has helped me build courage in every aspect of my life.

By: Nathan Kirby, Tax Senior at CROFT & FROST

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