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How Culture Impacts an Organization

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

A company's culture is deeply rooted in the core values of the organization and can be reflected in how employees interact on a day to day basis. If a company has a good culture, it can be one of its strongest competitive advantages. Some of the advantages of having a good workplace culture include; higher employee retention, improved productivity, and better collaboration.

At CROFT & FROST we strive to build a culture that promotes professional and personal growth. Our purpose is to “Build Courage, Create Wealth.” Each individual has a different definition of what “Wealth” means. Some would like to be wealthy in time, others would like to be financially wealthy, another individual might like to be wealthy in their physical and mental health. However you define wealth, CROFT & FROST wants to help you build a foundation to grow your wealth. One of the ways that CROFT & FROST helps people build courage and create wealth is through encouraging every employee to write their goals down twice a day. By writing your goals down twice a day, it helps you determine what you value and stay focused on achieving your goals.

CROFT & FROST fosters a culture that goes beyond the nuances of the day to day workplace. We want to build an environment where your manager and coworkers are invested in your success and support you in any endeavor you choose- whether that be running a half marathon, drinking 8 cups of water a day, or picking up a new hobby. We want every employee to feel supported and know that they are valued beyond what they do in their professional role.

By: Soni Whalen, Human Resources Assistant at CROFT & FROST

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