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The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

Feedback is crucial for CROFT & FROST employees. In order for them to continue to grow, feedback must be provided on a continuous basis. In the next year, we plan to provide continuous feedback to our staff. Last year we learned the importance of providing constructive feedback. We plan on having quarterly performance evaluations and continuing our weekly one on ones with employees and our managers. Throughout the performance evaluations employees will continue to be allowed the opportunity to anonymously evaluate their manager. Meanwhile, managers will be asked to provide constructive feedback to their team. The goal is that the weekly one on ones with the team will eliminate any surprises throughout the performance evaluation. We believe that continuous feedback provides employees the opportunity to continue to grow and improve as an employee and an individual. It is also important for managers to continue to have weekly meetings with the departments! This is a great opportunity for our teams to have continuous feedback and continue to grow and provide great service to our clients.

By: Marah Webster, MS, Human Resources Director at CROFT & FROST

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