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Individual Client Document Organization

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

I am GG Burkhalter, and I am one of the tax preparers at Croft and Frost. The topic I am going to talk about today is individual client document organization. When a client sends their documents to us, whether it is paper or electronic, it is much easier for us to prepare and go through their tax return when their materials are organized. For example, we have one client in particular that always sends their documents very organized and efficient. They send it to us in a folder that is separated out into different groups. Some of the groups are: income, medical expenses, new purchases, retirement, charitable contributions, etc. This client makes sure we have every piece of their information so the only questions we have to ask them is confirming certain information.

You normally will have the same tax documents every year. When you have newspapers you can always send us an email asking if we need it or what we need if it is for a new purchase, business, etc. When a client organizes all of their information and get it to us all at once, we are able to get their return completed faster than others. Yet, the hardest part of us completing a tax return is gathering client information. If we cannot gather the client’s materials in a timely manner, the whole process of completing their tax return will slow down, which will ultimately delay when you get your tax return. Who wants to push back getting a possible refund?Rather, if you owe money then who wants to accumulate penalties and interest? I know I wouldn’t! Giving us your information organized and as soon as you have everything will make sure that your return gets completed in a timely manner.

Another thing we are able to send out to our clients is a tax organizer. This is a PDF document that gives you everything your return can contain. It breaks down all of the income, expenses, business information, basic information, etc. that can be on your return. This gives you the opportunity to see what a return can contain and what you might need to send us. You can also fill out the organizer, so if you don’t have a paper document to send you can write in the organizer what you have. This will assure that we enter everything into your return.

Being an organized client is always a good thing and will make your tax preparer smile!

By: G.G. Burkhalter, Tax Senior at CROFT & FROST

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