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IRS in 2022

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

​​With the tax filing season for 2021 tax returns starting on January 24th, The IRS is still going to be facing adversity with the pandemic. Lack of resources for the IRS is the biggest problem for taxpayers and tax preparers. Since the pandemic started in 2020, the IRS has had to play catch with all the mail centers being shut down and now with new variants of the virus, more than 20% of the customer service workforce are unable to work because of health related issues because of the pandemic.

“IRS employees want to do more, and we will continue in 2022 to do everything possible with the resources available to us." IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig stated this as the tax filing season is beginning shortly. While resources and workers are scarce, the IRS is urging many taxpayers to get their tax returns in as early as possible and also suggesting to file them electronically through direct deposit. As this will help avoid processing delays and issuing refunds.

The Biden Administration has included $80 billion in money for the IRS over the next decade to help with tax enforcement. This would help tremendously if it can get passed. It has hit roadblocks with the Senate and already passed through the House.

By: Colton Smith, Administrative Specialist at CROFT & FROST


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