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Where To Start, Planning Your New Years Goals

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We’re coming up on that time of year of reflection. There’s a lot of inward-looking going on. When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Not just a literal mirror but also a metaphorical mirror, when you look at who you are and what you do/have done. Do you believe that what you see is good?

That’s what confidence is, believing that what you see is good. I have zero hesitations in saying that who you are is good. I'm not directly or specifically talking about how you physically look, although that can certainly apply. I'm, more broadly, talking about your entire self. Confidence, namely self-confidence, is a reminder that our body, our heart, and ourselves, is in fact good. Let me say that again. At our core, who we are is good. Our bodies are good, our hearts are good, our self is good, our abilities are good, our value is good, etc.

We all had that at one point, didn’t we? Somewhere along the way, so many of these things get lost. Everyone has moments and memories when their confidence was shaken. Our confidence was traded for false hope and a lie that someone else's opinion of us is more valuable than our ability to see ourselves. ⁠And even with the work we’ve put in to kill that doubt, it still rears its ugly head sometimes. Especially around this time of year.

Somewhere along the way, we let doubt come in and corrode the belief that who we are is good. There are so many ways this happens and it truly never stops. To restore or rebuild that lost confidence in ourselves comes back to reminding ourselves of the truth.

As you enter a time of reflection, what do you see when you look at yourself in the metaphorical mirror? When you look back on your year, what are you telling yourself to remind yourself that you are good? What do you need to do to continually be reminded throughout 2023 of your goodness? These answers may not be your goals for the year or your new year’s resolutions, but they’re great starting points for killing the doubt.

Who you are is good. And I think you deserve to hear that from yourself every day

By: Rocky Garza, Chief Operating Officer at CROFT & FROST

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