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Recruiting to Revolutionize

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

CROFT & FROST is striving to recruit like-minded individuals that are looking to revolutionize the accounting industry. We are looking for people who match our core values. Our core values at CROFT & FROST are:

  • Value: Leave all things better than you found them. Always add VALUE.

  • Vibe: We are here because we choose to be. Maintain the VIBE.

  • Collaboration: Follow the process and never go at it alone. Execute through COLLABORATION.

  • Courage: We do what we say we will. Walk forward with COURAGE.

Core values are the fundamentals of any business and without these values a business cannot revolutionize their industry. The goal is for people to want to add value to their personal lives and work lives by taking the initiative to problem solve. We want people who will vibe and connect with our clients and staff. The vibe in the office is one where we strive to create a company culture in which people are excited to work in. Working at CROFT & FROST requires daily collaboration with our teammates, clients, and coworkers. It is important to us as a company to have people who are courageous and speak up for what they believe in. We can train our staff on the fundamentals, how to use our systems, and to learn different skills, but who you are at the core is what matters most. If we all have the same core values, we can work together to accomplish our goal of revolutionizing the accounting industry.

As of January 28, 2022 these are our current open positions:

  • Tax Staff

  • Data Entry Specialist

  • Tax Manager

  • Tax Planning

  • Business Admin Intern

  • Tax Resolution Specialist

  • Assurance Staff

  • Onboarding Coordinator

  • Internal Bookkeeper

  • IT

  • Client Relationship Manager

To learn more about our open positions or to apply please email

By: Marah Webster, Human Resource Manager

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