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Right People in the Right Seats

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

My name is Katlyn. I graduated from college with an English degree in 2019. People’s number one question was what I wanted to do after I was done with school, but I had no answers. There were so many skills I had gathered throughout my education, but I did not know how this translated into a career or work environment. After a year of working in administration in the school system, I wanted more. I was soon introduced to CROFT & FROST.

I interviewed two of the kindest people, Nic, the firm manager and Marah, the HR manager. They asked about my experiences, thoughts, and how I would handle certain scenarios. There was freedom for me to ask and learn about the company from people who were honest about it. I was still hesitant since I had no accounting background, but CROFT & FROST was different. They noticed my skill sets and attitude. They knew I would be a good fit for the company.

I was hired in the summer of 2020 as a data entry specialist. I was amending tax returns and learning tax codes. Everyone I spoke with was shocked that I was working in the accounting industry with my background. As time went on, I knew taxes were not what I wanted to permanently do. I was anxious and unhappy, but so grateful for CROFT & FROST giving me an opportunity.

One day we were in a training meeting and we began to discuss people being in the right seats. Our CEO, Jonathan, began to reiterate the importance of being in the right seat. He was confident that we had the right people, but encouraged us that there was an opportunity for growth, but we had to express what we wanted. I spoke with my manager and assured them that I knew I would do taxes as long as they needed, but I wanted to do something else. I was not even sure what the best fit for me was. There have been many changes as a company, but I am confident in the position I have been placed in.

I am CROFT & FROST’s onboarding specialist. My skills of organization, communication, multitasking, and detail orientation are being utilized. The skills that I have obtained while being here allow me to see our mission on a grand scale and understand our operations on another level. I am grateful CROFT & FROST took a chance and hired me. There is not a single reason that I should be working here, but Nic and Marah sought out people that matched the company's core values. They saw someone who could collaborate well and encourage others, brought a good vibe and sought out the right thing while also creating peace, brought value and took pride in leaving things better than they found them, and had the courage to apply for a job that had no experience or background. These are the types of people that we want working here regardless of past experience or qualifications, let us help change the way you think! If you are interested in employment opportunities at CROFT & FROST check out:

By: Katlyn Richardson, Onboarding Specialist at CROFT & FROST

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