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What is Tax Resolution & How Can You Benefit?

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

What is a tax resolution?

Tax Resolution and Tax Relief are services designed to help taxpayers through the complicated task of resolving back tax problems. Taxpayers tend to seek help once they've ignored the problem so long that the IRS or the State taxing authorities have lost their patience and decided to recover unpaid taxes. The services are penalty abatement cases, negotiating tax payment plans, and tax audits. CROFT & FROST, unlike traditional CPA firms, has established a Tax Resolution office to serve our clients better. Enrolled Agents provide Tax Resolution Services and are enrolled to practice before the IRS.

How do clients benefit?

Our Tax Resolution Department has Abated $1,376,713.00 Since September 2021. To put it simply, it's penalty relief. It is removing the penalties after they are assessed to the taxpayer. On behalf of our clients, we've been able to request & receive $1,376,713.00.

The CROFT & FROST Tax Resolution office negotiates with IRS agents daily to remove assessed penalties against our clients and set up affordable monthly payment plans. Our Enrolled Agents team successfully negotiates with IRS collections saving our clients thousands of dollars a year. Our clients can sleep at night knowing they’re in compliance allowing peace of mind reducing stress. Life's too short to stress about the IRS.

By: Mitchell Desbiens, MBA, EA, Tax Resolution at CROFT & FROST

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