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White Art Cube to Cubical

The Accounting Industry: Can Firms Keep Up?

​​One of my favorite things is when I get the question, “What is your degree in college? What are you going to do with that after school?” I tell them that I am pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Communication minor, and I am working at an Accounting Firm. I get a lot of head tilts.

Artists are not limited to the traditional art-related roles that are usually confined to the “white cube” that is the art museum. A majority of artists have a wide range of skills and can be huge assets and integrators for the office space…beyond the arts. It is becoming apparent to employers that creativity is often neglected and in demand within the conventional office. To understand the importance of visual interest, color theory, the composition of a design, and how it greatly impacts a company are just a few examples of how artists bring diversity of thought to a company's success.

To have employees that are all wired the same way would simply dull the spark of a company. Contrary to the famous saying, not all great minds think alike. Incorporating more artists in the traditional work space can spark up new initiative ways to approach your business. It unlocks a new ability to tweak parts of the business that might not seem obvious to someone who has different skill sets or someone who does not have eyes that are trained for visual design. We strive to combine different skillsets at CROFT & FROST to create one that can unlock potential and revolutionize an industry.

By: Grace Turner, Graphic Design Specialist at CROFT & FROST


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