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Suzie Lenagar

Suzie Lenagar

Human Resources Director
Joined in 
Chattanooga, TN
University of TN at Chattanooga, B.S. in Human Resource Management
Walden University, M.S. in Industrial/Organization Psychology with a concentration on HR Consulting
• Traveling is my single most important passion/interest/hobby. I joke that I work just for travel money, but its not really a joke.
• Spending time outside and being physically active are very important to me, I enjoy yoga, HIIT classes, roller skating, and Pilates a lot (in that order).
About Me:
The Company Core Value they align with & reflect is...​ 
"I believe collaboration is a key component of being a successful leader. I can't know and do everything, but through collaboration I can rely on others to give me strength in areas I may be lacking, and vice versa. Additionally collaboration opens a door to creating deeper connections, trust, creativity and diversity."
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