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At CROFT & FROST we value education and sharing our knowledge. We want to teach you everything from the fundamentals of a basic tax return, to best practices for your business, to how to create long lasting wealth Get access to all of this knowledge and more through any of our free webinars. 

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How to Build a Life of Wealth, Starting with You
with Rocky Garza

Live on Wednesday, May 25th at 7:30 pm EST

Join Rocky Garza for a dynamic and engaging webinar to discover the missing link in building the life you desire. Over the last 10 years, Rocky has found that although difficult to answer, the simple question we all have to come to grips with is, what do we want? Many of us have a dream or hope but don't believe we can actually achieve it. Join Rocky as he walks you through the steps to discover what you want, how to get there and be a part of the Onward Community who will walk with you.

How to Define & Create Wealth in Your Life
with Matt Dira

To obtain wealth you first have to define what wealth means to you. From there if you apply the 4 Foundations of Wealth Creation to your life, you will obtain wealth and so much more. Join our live webinar and learn how to do this and more from our Wealth Expert, Matt Dira.

The Benefits of Bookkeeping Webinar
with J.D. Frost, CPA & Ina Longobardo, CPA

Watch the Benefits of Bookkeeping Webinar and learn how Bookkeeping can save you time and money in the future! 

The Succession Solution: 6 Steps to Keeping Your Business Alive Once You're Dead

Growing up we are often taught that in order to live a good life we should do our best to work hard, be responsible with our finances, take care of our loved ones & ourselves, and someday enjoy retirement. However, often times there is one final step that seems to be forgotten about until it is too late. What happens to our assets when we are no longer here? How will the lives we have created for ourselves impact our loved ones when we are not around to provide? Put another way, what legacy & estate are we setting up to leave behind when we reach the end of our lives?


In this webinar you will get exclusive access to hear from J.D. Frost & Lynn Gibson in order for you to find out some simple steps you can take to begin planning your estate. By utilizing some tools such as crafting a simple will & setting up a power of attorney letter are just a few of the topics touched upon during this webinar that you can use & take with you into the future. By beginning the process of building the foundation of your estate plan, you will find that you are taking the necessary steps down the path to creating an honorable & successful you can leave behind for those that you love & have impacted during your life.


No matter who you are, your background, where you come from, or what assets you may or may not have, understanding the importance of creating an effective estate plan is essential to leaving behind a legacy that you would be proud of. We hope that through this webinar any questions you have about the topic of developing a legacy & creating an estate plan will be answered, so that you now have the peace of mind to begin leaving behind a plan that your loved ones can utilize for years to come after you are gone.

How to Build a Simple Plan to Grow in 2022

Learning about and understanding how to build wealth is something that we all want to accomplish in our lives in some form or fashion. In this webinar, J.D. Frost & Rocky Garza break down the first and last foundation of the 4 Foundations of Wealth Creation, in order for you to have a tangible and practical plan to begin generating a recurring monthly income and investing in yourself & others.


During this webinar you will hear discussions about topics such as how to practically increase your income, the importance of asking questions to those around you, success through consistency, how to own your day, and much more! By being open and vulnerable with those around us about the roadblocks in our way on the path to our goals, we can begin gaining clarity on how to better take a systematic approach to accomplishing anything we wish to achieve in our day-to-day lives.


By discovering what we want, how we define wealth, and ways we can build courage in our lives we will be putting ourselves in a position to live the life that we have always hoped for. Through this webinar we hope that you can take what J.D. Frost & Rocky Garza teach in a way that you can apply their advice to your life so that you can begin accomplishing these things: discover what YOU want,  learn how YOU define wealth, and find ways YOU can build courage in your life.

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